Full Container Load

Full Container Load

FCL or Full Container Load freight - the type of cargo forwarding used in international shipping industry. The FCL freight is used for exporting and importing goods by ocean. This is the international ocean freight, the cargo delivery by sea when the exporter or the importer uses completely all the dedicated container for the sea freight. Usually the cargo takes the space of about 20 or even 40 ft. The containers are loaded at the threshold and then are delivered by the rail, trucks and sea to the destination.

Types of Full Container Load

FCL is divided into several types: FCL commercial cargo which means that the entire containers contain the commercial goods while shipping. FCL which contains motor vehicles means that such equipment is consolidated in multimodal containers for freight delivery. Also there is the FCL for personal effects which means that the household goods are transported in the containers, the goods are for personal use and transported by ocean, being filled entirely.

FCL freight is considered the most optimized container delivery regarding the cargo volume and weight as well as the price for shipping. The service includes the picking up the empty container at the place where it is loaded; actually it happens at the client's facility. The additional services also involve transporting the container by the van or a truck, or by the train to the port of loading. Then the container is transported by ocean to the port which is the destination. If even you don't have enough freight to use the full container load try to use the FCL type of shipping because it is more cost-effective and convenient one.

FCL Freight - the most efficient option

The ocean shipping with the full container load is the most appropriate for the oversized cargo. FCL is more reliable and safer shipping way than others. If you need to fulfill the international shipping, the entire 40 foot container for sea freight that is the FCL service would be the real efficient option for you. The multimodal containers for international delivery will be safer.

The related shipping services which the companies offer to their clients as well as the FCL shipping are such as economy LCL which means that the boxes, the palletized cargo or the crates are delivered abroad. Also you can order Ro-Ro or Break Bulk if you need to ship the oversized cargo such as some equipment, cars, trucks or even planes. Companies which offer FCL freight and other shipping services would load and pack your cargo according to all the necessary demands. The only thing which you must provide is to meet the container at the safe place for loading.

Most international shipping companies that are the freight forwarders deliver the empty container for the load and you hire the people to help you complete the load. Three hours of load are free of charge and if you need more time to complete the load the additional hours are paid for. That is you would better get prepared for meeting the container and have all the goods ready for shipping.

Full Container Load

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Full Container Load Full Container Load Full Container Load


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