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Self Storage Redwood City

Self Storage Redwood City

Is it your first time renting a storage unit? It is a great choice to store belongings temporarily while moving. Storage facilities are secure and have a convenient setting for your sudden change of lifestyle. The majority of storage facility units have many storage unit sizes and services that meet your needs and budget. Read on to find out how you can rent a self-storage unit as a first-timer.

What you need to know about storage units

Self-storage facilities offer a long-term and short-term service for personal, business, and home security. A small business can use these units to store belongings while shifting their business location. There are two main categories of storage units:


These units offer services to pick and deliver property at your request. Many full-service companies will let the client schedule a pick-up and delivery time. Hiring the services will save you from the hassle of delivering heavy items to storage facilities. The firm will also document the property with photos and notes on an online or offline inventory list.

Self-storage units

Self-storage units are the most popular options available in the market. They have the safest and most secure systems and can store large items like boats and cars. Customers are responsible for delivering and picking items from the store; hence they are highly likely to take care of the documentation. 

What should you consider for a self-storage unit?

You should ensure the unit is safe and secure if you want to make it a top priority. Here are a few conditions that define the best self-storage in Redwood City.

  • Accessibility – The facility should have 24-hour access, inclusive of weekends
  • Pricing – A self-storage unit is better when you want to save more money
  • Availability – Be sure that the storage facility has your particular storage unit available if you want to store large items
  • Security – A self-storage unit has more traffic than the full-service storage system. The security features include locks, video monitoring, in-person surveillance, digital doors, and security doors.
  • Reviews – Bair Island Storage has plenty of positive reviews from current previous clients. Avoid other options with one-star reviews, because they will likely report robbery or accidents like fires during your storage service.

What do you need to qualify for a self-storage unit?

Be ready to show some identification to prove you are a valid citizen. These details will also help you claim your items when you return because the staff will easily cross-check you against the system. Essential items include:

  • Driver’s license
  • State ID
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • A filled storage agreement contract

What is the average cost of the service?

The eventual cost of the unit depends on the size of the unit and how long you plan to rent. Many facilities have a monthly contract and may include a discount for a longer-term. The pricing also depends on the facility’s technology and location. Metropolitan areas have the highest rates, while less urban areas are the opposite.

Take advantage of self-storage firms like Bair Island Storage if you want the best storage conditions at desirable prices. Call us now on 650-367-0525 for a quote.


Self Storage Redwood City

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Self Storage Redwood City Self Storage Redwood City Self Storage Redwood City


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