trucking jobs California

trucking jobs California

Trucking jobs in California are a great way to make a paycheck and see the world. Northern Refrigerated Transportation Inc. offers competitive salaries and benefits.

Why should I become a truck driver?

The transportation industry is booming. Even with the fall of retail stores, online retailers are creating many opportunities to make money while seeing the entire country. A union truck driver job can get you into the middle class with little more than a valid driver's license and certification.

Refrigerated truck driver jobs are no different. With starting salaries at $32000 for qualified candidates and the ability to make over $100000 per year, our drivers make enough to feed their families. Benefits such as a 401k, paid holidays, and a safety program aim to keep you on the road.

Companies that Pay for Driving School

The barrier to entry for truck drivers is relatively low. Unlike the cost of college or even community college, truck driving school opens the door to a comfortable life after weeks instead of years at a much lower cost.

Northern Refrigerated Transportation Inc. wants to help you succeed. We help pay for your education with a salaried position. You can learn the ins and outs of the trade while finding a place to lay your hat at the end of the day.

Refrigerated Truck Driver Certification

Refrigerated truck drivers do not need an additional certification to transport goods. We train our drivers to handle goods as required. Our customers transport food, liquids, and other temperature sensitive items.

Hazardous materials are typically handled by other companies. More specialized companies requiring more years of experience and education typically handle these loads. There is no need to worry about flammable liquid methane unless you want to take on more responsibility.

What to Expect as a Refrigerated Truck Driver

Refrigerated truck drivers at Northern Refrigerated Transportation Inc. are a crucial link in the supply chain. Your job is vital to the American economy. Expect to transport food and other items that Americans purchase regularly.

As such your job includes:

  • Loading and unloading items
  • Driving products on short or more lucrative long distance routes
  • Using the knowledge you gained at truck driving school to keep your vehicle road worthy
  • Following all laws and regulations related to driving and transporting refrigerated goods

We do not stock customers' shelves and our customers often perform the work of loading and unloading your truck. Still, you may be required to occasionally lift up to 80 pounds.

Truck Driving Benefits

Northern Refrigerated Transportation Inc.offers drivers many opportunities to grow and thrive. We provide a competitive benefits package as we seek to attract the best drivers.

Expect to have a 401k, paid training, holidays, a safety program, profit sharing options, and a bonus from your first day. We invest in our talent.

Trucking Jobs in California

Trucking jobs in California are lucrative. Gain access to a middle class salary and terrific benefits from your first day.

Do not settle for any job that comes your way. Whether you are looking to break into the industry or are a seasoned veteran, Northern Refrigerated Transportation Inc. wants to hear from you. Apply to drive for us today. We are always hiring truck drivers.

trucking jobs California

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trucking jobs California trucking jobs California


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