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Shipping Services

At Bali Intercont Cargo, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of shipping services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From handling delicate items like live fish, antiques, and arts to moving bulk goods such as furniture and handicrafts, our team ensures your cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with decades of experience, positions us as a premier choice for both individuals and businesses looking to navigate the complexities of global shipping.

Freight Forwarding

Logistics in Bali has evolved significantly over the years, and as a Bali forwarder, we've adapted to offer state-of-the-art freight forwarding solutions. Our expertise spans across air and sea freight, providing flexible options for international shipments. Whether you are transporting small parcels or significant volumes, we design logistics solutions that align with your timing, budget, and specific requirements.

International Shipping

The realm of International shipping is complex, with each country having its regulations and requirements. Our extensive network and in-depth knowledge of global trade laws enable us to navigate these challenges effectively. By choosing Bali Intercont Cargo, you're leveraging a partner that ensures compliance, timely delivery, and cost-efficient transportation solutions that span across continents.

Transportation Solutions

Our approach to Transportation solutions is holistic, offering more than just the movement of goods. We understand that each cargo has unique needs, and our team is equipped to provide tailored solutions whether by air, sea, or land. Our strategic location in Denpasar, Bali, enhances our capacity to facilitate smooth transitions from local to global destinations, ensuring your cargo is in safe hands from start to finish.

Cargo Handling

Specializing in various types of cargo, including sensitive and high-value items, demands precision in Cargo handling. Our professionals are adept at packaging, loading, and unloading, ensuring that every item is treated with the utmost care. Our personalized home surveys further exemplify our commitment to handling your goods as if they were our own, offering peace of mind that your belongings are handled professionally throughout their journey.

Import and Export Services

Our comprehensive Import and export services streamline the end-to-end process of moving goods internationally. From accurate documentation to liaising with authorities, we cover all bases to ensure a smooth customs clearance process. By staying abreast of the latest regulations and leveraging our expertise, we facilitate a seamless flow of goods across borders, mitigating any potential challenges that may arise.

Custom Clearance

Navigating through customs can be one of the most daunting aspects of international shipping. Our team at Bali Intercont Cargo takes the stress out of Custom clearance, handling all necessary paperwork and procedures to ensure your shipments comply with international standards. Our proactive approach minimizes delays, avoids penalties, and ensures that your cargo arrives on time.

Warehousing and Distribution

Our Warehousing and distribution services are designed to accommodate the storage and management of your goods with the utmost efficiency. Whether you need short-term storage solutions or a comprehensive distribution strategy, our facilities and systems are equipped to support your needs. This ensures that your goods are stored securely and delivered to their final destination in a timely and organized manner.

Supply Chain Management

In today's global market, efficient Supply chain management is crucial for the success of any business involved in the movement of goods. Our approach integrates logistics, warehousing, and distribution services to optimize your supply chain. By partnering with Bali Intercont Cargo, you benefit from our expertise in creating streamlined, cost-effective solutions that enhance the reliability and efficiency of your supply chain operations.

At Bali Intercont Cargo, we are more than just a logistics provider; we are a partner committed to the success of your international shipping endeavors. With a legacy of excellence that dates back to 1989, our team continues to deliver solutions that are not only reliable but also innovatively tailored to meet the evolving needs of our global clients. Trust us to be your Bali forwarder, ensuring your cargo's journey is smooth, secure, and successful.

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